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A Letter To My Daughter On Her Six-Month Birthday

Dear Marilla,

I can't believe it's already been six months since that wonderful day, 8 March 2017, when you first graced us with your presence.

Your mother and I had been awaiting your arrival for literally years.  When the doctors first told us you existed, we were absolutely ecstatic.  We didn't know much about you then; not your gender, or what you'd look like.  You just had a heartbeat and a yolk sac.  Nevertheless, we nicknamed you Thor, a strong name for a strong baby of either gender.

As we got closer to the delivery date, you decided to be a bit difficult and give mommy a bit of trouble.  But after a day and a half in the hospital, at 12:30pm six months ago today, the nurse handed you to me, and we gave you your name.

You've learned so much in your first six months of life.  After perfecting the basics like breathing and eating (not an easy start, to be sure), you started figuring out how your body works.  Your dexterity keeps increasing.  You can hold your head up now without us supporting it.  It won't be long until you're sitting up straight.  You're learning to enjoy story time; it won't be too many years until you're reading stories to us!  You've even recently learned proper sleep, which has been fantastic.

You'll continue to grow and learn.  I'm curious now what traits you'll pick up from us.  Will our interest in science create a drive in you to learn about the world?  Will you be great with numbers like Grandpa?  Will you love to tinker with machines like Papa?  Will you want to inspire and teach kids like your Auntie Jen, or follow the leads of anyone else in the family?

Or will you blaze your own path and do something utterly unique and amazing?

The world is a wonderful place, and it will continue to change and grow along with you.  You will take to it far better than any of us will.  There will be new technology and new ways to entertain ourselves.  We'll live longer and happier.  I bet people will walk on Mars in your lifetime.  Who knows? Maybe you'll be one of them!

What I do know for certain is you'll grow up with more love than you can imagine.  Holding you for the first time was one of the greatest moments of my life.  I didn't think it was possible to love someone as much as your mother and I love you.

And if you end up becoming the first woman to walk on Mars, please don't forget to write your mother and me.

Love now and always,



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