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Will write about what I'm reading

I plan to use this blog to do short write-ups about the novels, comic books, graphic novels (or, more generally, comic books collected in bound books), and nonfiction. I may als write about a fun video game or a movie, or some part of my real life (visits to cool places, for example; I often write a "Thoughts from Places" email for my wife if I'm traveling for work and she's not able to join me).

I try to read a lot, but I do it in a bit of a disjointed manner.  I sometimes find myself reading multiple books at once, and since I don't read very fast, it takes a while to go through any one title.

Here's a summary of what I'm reading right now:

  1. Star Wars: The Old Republic: Deceived (a novel by Paul S. Kemp), as part of a chronological Star Wars books and comics;
  2. Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War (nonfiction by Mary Roach, one of my favourite science writers);
  3. A chronological read-through of X-Men comics, ca. 2008 onward (I'm currently in 2010, but as the next item on that read is the first six issues of Marjorie Liu's X-23, I wanted to read other X-23 books first);
  4. I make a point to read all comic issues I buy a second time before I file them; I'm currently re-reading my Secret Wars (2015) comics;
  5. Assorted 90s X-Men comics, in rough chronological order (about to start Onslaught); and
  6. Assorted books and comics, if anything random grabs my interest.

So that's a lot. I might get bored with one and set it aside (easy with comics, harder with novels).  But it's fun to have some variety in what you read.

I'm particularly looking forward to finishing Grunt.  I've read other books by Mary Roach before, and I've heard her interviewed on some of my favourite podcasts.  The way she tackles a subject is brilliant and incredibly easy to follow.

Mary Roach is one of my favourite science writers. Image from Indigo,ca

Every now and then, whenever I've finished a book or a comic arc, I'll discuss it here.  I hope others will find it interesting.

Currently working on the X-23 Complete Collection Volume 1.  Image from
My next post ought to be in a few days, to discuss some of the X-23 books I've read.

-Andrew aka Taral


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